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Front Page - International Times - January 16, 2015


1LT (Ret) Hart:

Dateline - January 16, 2014 IGT, Bolshevik, Podagorsk

Violence in Pordogorsk is increasing. Since the death of Prime Minister Azat, there has been more unconfirmed reports are filtering through that the Ultra-Violent Red Guard are gathering ethnic Pogar people and massacring them. There has been several reports of mass graves being found throughout Podagorsk as it appears that the Red Guard are conducting an ethnic genocide against the Pogars. If these reports are in fact true, the Chernorussian Civil War has certainly taken another deadly turn for the worst.

Amidst large scale violence against the civilians of Podagorsk, the UN Refugee Camp has reached maximum capacity and the joint Franco-Turkish station there has been forced to close the gates until further assistance is granted from the international community. However, the international community is reluctant to intervene due to the proximity of Podagorsk to Russia. So far Russian spokespeople have been reluctant to comment on the situation and appear to dodge the real questions surrounding the crisis.

Therefore, with a stunted response from the UN, and a increasingly unhelpful Russia, the UN station at Bolshevik will remain isolated. The people queueing for asylum will forever grow. The people stuck in the crossfire will still remain in danger and the body count will increase forever more.

The video below contains unverified footage of the alleged genocide which is being reported in Podagorsk. Once again we advise our viewers to watch with caution as this footage contains scenes which may be upsetting.

Thomas Atkins - International Times - East European Branch

* This news report is a fictional work to support the 506th ARMA game play


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