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Spare DDR4 Ram
« on: June 06, 2018, 11:58:47 AM »
Good Morning,

Was wondering if anyone had any spare ram laying around that they no longer need and/or using. I don't have any money to buy it, but if anyone is willing to give it away, it is much appreciated. The time I will start to get paid during the summer is in three weeks as I start work next week, however, its been 3 months since I sold my other 8GB RAM for money for storage to help my grandmother out as shes been none stop contributing money to my brother and I while we were taking our 1st year of college. My Computer just doesn't act right, can run arma 3 that much let alone stream very well. It crashes very easily if I don't be cautious enough. All this started to happen during one day after I sold my RAM, during OSUT Day 4, and I was zeusing and my pc started lagging seriously, and acting up. My memory usage whenever any game is loaded is at 80-90%.

Thank you much for your time!

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