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Front Page - International Times - January 14, 2015


1LT (Ret) Hart:

Dateline - January 14, 2014 IGT, Bolshevik, Podagorsk

Following the speculation surrounding the whereabouts of Prime Minister Ildus Azat, the international news can confirm that the 49 year old elected leader of Podagorsk has been executed along with his cabinet and bodyguard. The bodies of the seven men were found by locals from Zirnitra in the early hours of the morning following gunfire which was heard during the night. Prime Minister Azat had been missing since the fall of Zirnitra on the 31st December. It was thought that he and his cabinet had fled the city prior to its capture, however, these early reports appear to be incorrect as the much loved Prime Minister was brutally executed by what appears to be once again members of the ultra-Violent radical Red Guard. These Pro-Russian fighters are the most extreme wing of the RPLA and are well known and feared throughout Chernarus and neighbouring Podagorsk.

Recently, an unconfirmed video has emerged of what appears to be the Prime Minister and his cabinet being executed by the Red Guard. The men are lined up against a wall and are one by one gunned down by a single shot to the head. The last one to be executed appears to be Prime Minister Azat. The video shows one lone gunman wearing the separatists uniform and carrying Russian weapons and equipment, sparking further debate as to who is arming the RPLA. The video is viewable below, however, we would advise complete viewer discretion as this video may upset some viewers.
Thomas Atkins - International Times - East European Branch

* This news report is a fictional work to support the 506th ARMA game play


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