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Front Page - International Times - January 12, 2015


1LT (Ret) Hart:

Dateline - January 12, 2014 IGT, Bolshevik, Podagorsk

The humanitarian crisis in Podagorsk is intensifying. Since the opening of the refugee camp on the 31st December 2014, the UN station has seen thousands of refugees seeking shelter from the war, which has engulfed their nation. So far the situation has appeared to be under control by the joint Franco-Turkish peacekeeping forces, however, cracks are starting to appear in the infrastructure of the refugee camp. Sporadic fights have broken out at UN food drops as the small refugee camp buckles under the immense pressure which it has been placed upon.

It is evident that without further international assistance, the displaced people of Podagorsk are doomed to their fate. From our position on the isolated island of Bolshevik gunshots can be heard to the North. There is rumours of death squads roaming the peninsular who are indiscriminately targeting civilians. We are unclear of the identity or motives of these individuals at this time, although, we have unconfirmed reports that these assassins are in fact members of the brutal Red Guard. The Red Guard are linked with the most extreme sections of the RPLA and have been known for civilian massacres and bombings in the past.

Most recently, there has been speculation about the well-being of the elected leader of Podagorsk, Prime Minister Ildus Azat. He and his cabinet have not been heard from since the fall of the capital, Zirnitra.

Thomas Atkins - International Times - East European Branch

* This news report is a fictional work to support the 506th ARMA game play


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