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Front Page - Nature Geographical - December 31, 2014


1LT (Ret) Hart:
Dateline - December 31, 2014 IGT, Bolshevic, Podagorsk

From the Benny Hills, to the Forbidden Forest located on the Island of Bolshevic; Podagorsk is a beautiful yet secluded Peninsular. However, over the last few days, the peaceful Pogar people have been threatened by the recent invasion of the RPLA.

Igor Tkachenko gathered his heard once he heard the invasion had began
Originally, this article was to be focussed on the culture of the ethnic Pogar people and their constant fight for freedom since the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union and the small, yet chaotic 2007 invasion by the Russian Federation. However, with further trouble on the horizon for the people of Podagorsk; this article now catalogues the human struggle while the Russian Peoples Liberation Army push deeper into the independent nation.

At the beginning of the invasion, the small Turkish-French led UN station located on the Island of Bolshevic began constructing a refugee camp for dislodged civilians of Podagorsk. So far, only a small number of people have reached the camp, but with the recent fall of Zirnitra; we expect to see these numbers expand exponentially.

Alex, George and Dima were some of the first people to reach the camp. All arrived from the town of Berezniki, now under RPLA control.
With UN personnel already stationed in Bolshevic, there is at least a slim glimmer of hope for the displaced Pogar people. However, with violence seen in Zirnitra, and the international community on high alert; we simply do not know what is left ahead for the people of Podagorsk. So far violence has only been reported sporadically throughout the peninsular, although, there is widespread reports of civilians being caught in the crossfire. Though, at this time, the UN station is believed to be safe. Joint Franko-Turkish service personnel report that they are on a high level of alert, but under control of the situation.

Caporal T. Govier stands guard at the camp
With the refugee camp now open, the UN station will now have to work hard to avoid a humanitarian crisis. With thousands of displaced Pogars, it is evident that this camp alone is not enough. Thousands more tents will be needed, and a significant effort by the international community will have to be made to ensure that the Pogar people are well looked after during their stay in the camp. Without careful deliberation this situation could become even worse for the People of Podagorsk.

A soldier of the UN medical detail looks after a severely wounded civilian.
With the situation changing every hour, it is very hard to keep track of. For further insights into the Chernorussian Civil War, keep up to date with the Nature Geographic Magazine.

Pascal Dieppe - Nature Geographic - Culture Department

*This news report is a fictional work to support the 506th ARMA game play.


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