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Front Page - International Times - December 31, 2014


MAJ (Ret) Hayes:

Dateline - December 31, 2014 IGT, Zirnitra Podagorsk

In a brazen New Years Eve early morning attack, elements of the 1st Liberation Brigade -Russian Peoples Liberation Army began an all-out assault on the Capital City of the autonomous region of Podagorsk. Gunfire and shelling could be heard on the outskirts of Zirnitra. Many of the cities residents have been airlifted to the UN controlled island of Bolshevik or have fled to the small port towns along the rural coastal region of the province.

General Olegovich of the RPLA has given his assurance that no civilians will be harmed in the taking of Zirnitra if they cooperate with the RPLA's military actions.

"The RPLA is seeking to re-establish the long history of Russian governance of the Podagorsk Peninsula which is in line with the regions history. Podagorsk is Russian, and will be governed by Russians for Russians. We do not seek to harm the Pogar people or any Chernarussians who live here, but we will accomplish our goals. We ask that these weak and ridiculous defenders lay down their arms and surrender. We would like to avoid bloodshed, but are willing to do what needs done to secure our homelands and our childrens future."

Reports have surface that the infamous Red Guard Company has been seen at the Prime Ministers residence and Prime Minister Ildus Azat has not been seen or heard from publicly since the assault began. The Red Guard, a sub-unit within the RPLA, was designated a terrorist organization in 2013 after the systematic massacre of 183 villagers in Petrovka in Chernarus and the Bombing of the Elektrozavodsk Train Station in April 2014. General Olegovich denied the Red Guard were in Podagorsk and had no further comment.

During the assault the UN Air Base on Bolshevik came under intense rocket artillery fire destroying several vehicles and taking the life of 3 French Peace Keepers. General Olegovich stated no RPLA units have fired on the UN Base but re-iterated that all of Podagorsk is RPLA territory and he strongly urged the UN to pull it's forces out of the region, as they would be seen as invaders and dealt with appropriately.

NATO forces were placed on High Alert Status as the US, Britain and France all committed to the consideration of the use of force.

White House Spokesman Tad Vanderbilt gave the following statement hours after the assault on Zirnitra began.

"The President of the United States is monitoring the situation closely and is receiving hourly updates. This administration takes its responsibilities to the Chernarussian peace process very seriously and in accordance with the Olso Agreement of 2013 reserves the right to act with military force against any agressor that seeks to break that agreement. Clearly General Olegovich and the RPLA seem to think that by shifting there unprovoked aggression to Podagorsk they have found an unprotected venue to carry out their plans for expansion, however, General Olegovich is wrong. This administration is sending a clear and definite warning that the RPLA needs to cease and desist with its war-actions or face the full force of NATO. To that end the President in accordance with the war powers granted him by Congress has mobilized quick reaction forces of the US Army and Navy. Forces are being moved, trained and prepared to step in and enforce the will of the international community."

International Times has managed to confirm Combat Brigades of the 101st Airborne Division have been moved to the Island of Sahrani and are training in preparation for possible action in the Black Sea. Significant British forces have been re-aligned for possible deployment as well.

Carl Kolchack - International Times - Eastern European Branch

*This news report is a fictional work to support the 506th ARMA game play.


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