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Jae Lee's Unedited First Person Perspectives

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SFC J. N. Lee:
So Havoc 3-2 had a bit of an incident at the start of Crimson Moon 08-17 on 07OCT17 @ 2000, which we called up the CoC as a mine/IED. However, as Ares chimed in during debrief, there were no IEDs or mines anywhere during the mission, so it was later corrected into a hand grenade ND. After reviewing the footage, I saw no incriminating evidence that anyone could have mistakenly thrown a grenade, but you can judge for yourself here:

Ares (SSG Munson) perspective:
Havoc 3-2 Mike (PFC Newman filling in) perspective:

SFC J. N. Lee:
The Brawler Revival op from the perspective of Brawler 1-1 Alpha Team Lead. We conducted a mounted patrol in a small island to the south east of Tanoa through multiple ambushes and danger close contacts in dense jungle and urban/rural terrains, shit ton of action in this one since Alpha was the lead element for most of the patrol. Major props to CPL Hardman and SSG M. Brewer for being the pointmen in making this happen, and the members of my fire team, PFC Hudson, PV2 Muller, and PV2 Lantier, for being fucking on point.

SFC J. N. Lee:
Havoc 2-3's squad training was your standard LAW/AT4 & Grenadier range day turned into a base defense mission. I thought this training was interesting due to the billet I was assigned (Designated Marksman) and how shots at different ranges deal significantly varying amounts of damage, even for a 7.62 caliber weapon.

SFC J. N. Lee:
SSG Melius designed a funop for me (spotter), SGT Akulov (sniper), CW2 Macmillan and CPL Newman where we have to role play our way through heavily defended enemy lines as civilians and then take a 1000m+ shot on an HVT on top of a tower near a dock with the wind changing direction every half a minute.

And then escape.

It was pretty tight.

If you're just interested in the shot (1185m), this ~10 minutes video is of me and SGT Akulov setting up for it.

And here's the full cut (720p unfortunately, I really have to remember to fix that).

A couple of photos taken by SSG Melius as Ares (full credit to him and then some).

P.S. Sorry SGT Akulov I took so long to "edit", it was mostly just crashing :P.

S. Lantier:
I never wanted to be more a part of a fun op.  That was awesome to watch.


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