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SFC J. N. Lee:
Operation Black Spear 12-19 TFC summarised:

SFC J. N. Lee:
Oh yeah this thread exists.

Operation Watchtower 03-20 TFC was pretty action packed, as most airfield assaults usually go. Havoc 3-2 was the assault element and we were pretty much smack-dab in the middle of the action for most of the op. If you wanna skip straight to it, go to around 12:30.

SFC J. N. Lee:
Op Watchtower 07-20 TFC was a bloody one.

SFC J. N. Lee:
The "unedited" part of this thread's title is pretty much moot by now.

SFC J. N. Lee:
My editing software must have crashed at least 15 times trying to export this.


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