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Jae Lee's Unedited First Person Perspectives

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SFC J. N. Lee:
I try to stay in first person as much as I can, but I will change to third person for movements outside of combat or for moments I deem worthy of an over-the-shoulder shot. As soon as we encounter any threat whatsoever though, you can bet that I'll stay locked onto first person.

This is my first recorded video ever, there are a couple of pauses in-between due to me alt-tabbing to check the stream's status, I'll try to get that fixed for the next one!

FTX on 07MAY2017 with Havoc 1-3.

SFC J. N. Lee:
Now this was a fun one, couldn't even go to sleep until I've got it up on youtube! Fun op during the night of 10MAY2017.

SSG Ferreiro decided it would be fun to make 17 people defend against roughly a dozen companies, a dozen attack helos, a dozen BTRs/BMPs, a dozen IDF fire missions, and a couple missile salvos on top from a dirt trench made by mother nature and some flimsy man-made trenches hastily dug up.

He was right.

P.S. I cheated a bit on this one in regards to perspective since it was a fun op :P

SFC J. N. Lee:
Field Training Exercise on 13MAY2017 saw 3rd Platoon - Havoc 3 - first securing a civilian-occupied town, then setting up positions to ambush an enemy convoy heading in from the East. Afterwards, we were to continue holding the town for an unspecified amount of time as we wait for enemy reinforcements to check on their convoy's status.

PV2 J. N. Lee's FIRST PERSON perspective from Havoc 3-1 Alpha as Grenadier (fill-in) under SPC F. Mason, featuring Captain Soto with a sick one-two 40mm miniature mortar combo.

SFC J. N. Lee:
Guess who's back.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here is 2nd Lt Brownlee's UPT Graduation Exercise from yesterday's (30SEP17) evening, in all its hilarious commentary-filled gloriousness. Shoutout to Fort Kickass, first of His Name, Lord of the Southern Flank.

Sound volume warning though! My first vid after a long time so the volume mixer is all messed up, my voice is super loud when shit goes down and I'm screaming my head off, would not recommend headphones/earbuds!

SFC J. N. Lee:
Joint operation/training exercise with Havoc 1-4 Weapons Squad. Objective is to destroy a weapons cache that has been hoarded and distributed illegally by a group of scavengers during the chaos of the war occurring on the island of Napf.

This was one of the most enjoyable fire team experiences I've had so far. Everyone had their heads screwed on the right way, knew what they were doing, knew what other people were doing, and did everything as a unit. Buddy teams were never further than 15 meters away from each other (and that was only because we were moving out in the open and had to keep spacing in mind), formations were always on point even during stressful moments, 360 security was always kept when required, reactions to contact were quick and concise as were the reports, movements in open ground as well as in urban terrain were all conducted according to SOP efficiently, etcetera. Especially with PV2 M. White who has just graduated from OSUT a day prior as a fill-in and our usual fire team leader on LOA, I believe Havoc 3-2 Bravo has really stepped up our game for this training exercise.

Except for that one time SPC Castaneda walked into a barn before pie-ing it but I won't hold it against him ;).

Also featuring an untimely weapon jam, a mis-identified cover-penetrating BMP, a garbage M72 LAW user, and low mic volume due to over-adjusting from my last video but I'm not all that interesting anyway.


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