Author Topic: Things I Wish I'd Known as a New 506th Recruit  (Read 21855 times)

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Re: Things I Wish I'd Known as a New 506th Recruit
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Specifically to those recruits coming from other units, I should say that the instructors are there to instruct, not to assess your competence. If you have previous experience in a unit like this, and you are considering joining this one, you should keep in mind at all times that nobody knows about you. When an recruit instructor speaks to you as if you are completely useless, it is because most people who are new are indeed completely useless.

It is never a personal judgement, they are doing their duty to affirm that you have a brain before giving you to another NCO for billeting. If you can maintain a polite tone and consider yourself unproven, you will find it very easy to integrate into the community.
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Re: Things I Wish I'd Known as a New 506th Recruit
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I second this post

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Re: Things I Wish I'd Known as a New 506th Recruit
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While it has been hinted at in the past in some way or another, the essential function of the forums often goes underappreciated...

Read the forums. Get to using that "Show unread posts since last visit" link at the top left side of the screen under your name. There are often a number of unit announcements or updates that, despite the voicing authority putting links and/or clear instructions in the opening post- still manage to find topics created to answer simple questions that have already been answered, and someone wanted the personal "link & do the work for me" answer.

There is always someone more dedicated in the unit than yourself- it is almost always the case that if you cannot find something or are having trouble locating or performing a task, the problem has already been addressed somewhere in the history of the 506th. If it hasn't, try following the directions- again.

On the same topic- READ THE FORUMS. There is literally thousands of hours worth of 100% voluntary, passionately dedicated knowledge across a vast variety of backgrounds that have found their way to our unit. If Awards & Decorations can track & maintain the ENTIRE history of the unit's individual awards using said search feature, it is bound to have some use for you, too. 
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