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The News Room / Re: LaFave Picture / Video's
« Last post by SPC LaFave on October 20, 2021, 07:07:34 PM »
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Server Information / Re: Official Training Servers are Down
« Last post by 1SG L. McCoy on October 19, 2021, 10:48:05 PM »
They are up.
Server Information / Official Training Servers are Down
« Last post by SGT J. Morris on October 19, 2021, 07:18:50 PM »
All the official training servers are down at this time.
The News Room / Re: Littleberry's Videos
« Last post by 2LT Littleberry on October 18, 2021, 02:27:47 AM »
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17 OCT 2021

Synopsis of the Nationalist Russian Union Strategy in Ruha

Executive Overview

(U) The purpose of this document is to speculate on the intent of the Nationalist Russian Union (NRU) in the vicinity of Ruha, Finland. S-2 has accordingly prepared this assessment for the benefit of 1-506th personnel and attached elements.

Geographic and Tactical Observations

(U) Ruha and its surrounding terrain is low in elevation and mostly flat, moreso than other AOs that the NRU currently operate in such as Virolhati and Oviaukko Island. Open farmland and sprawling forests dominate the topography -- conversely, very little urbanization is present.

(S) Of greater import is the fact that Ruha is split north-to-south by three major arteries that the NRU are dependent upon for logistical resupply: a wide highway, twin rail lines, and a sizable river, all of which run their course no more than three or four kilometers from each other at their furthest separation. These routes are critical for the NRU to continue their delaying withdrawal to the north.

(S) While Ruha is mostly woodland, the three logistical supply lines through Ruha are without notable terrain disturbances. Friendly troops seeking to secure these lanes will be exposed to crew-served and vehicle-borne weapon systems with far lines of sight, which is tactically advantageous to their large bore weaponry such as their array of fielded BMPs and MBTs. Additionally, NRU forces have assembled roadblocks and entrenchments along these routes to maximize the difficulty in seizing them.

(S) Soviet-era doctrine, which all NRU officers will have been familiarized with, relied heavily upon armored assets and indirect-fire weapons. Flat, open areas such as those prevalent in Ruha will further augment these types of force multipliers, while simultaneously producing navigational and tactical problems for friendly forces in return.

Pictured above: Undated photograph of T-72 tanks being transported by rail line in the vicinity of Ruha, Finland.

Strategic Observations

(S) The NRU are increasingly logistically-strained and struggling for an opening to engage friendly forces in AOs closer to the Russian border pocket since the 506th's successful assault of Virolahti. S-2 has determined this to be a major factor in current positioning of the NRU, as Ruha is only 146 kilometers to the north-west of Virolahti. Should the 506th and allied forces be able to decisively engage and hold Ruha, the NRU would have no other choice to either (1) withdraw closer to the Russian border by pushing north into the Finnish countryside or (2) risk decisive encirclement by allied forces near and around the countryside of Hellanmaa, to the north of Helinski.


(S) S-2 believes there are two main goals to NRU's presence in Ruha. The first is to alleviate pressure on other fronts to the NRU's north and west, where the NRU are attempting to secure a foothold to the north of Helinksi. By forcing NATO forces to first clear through Ruha, the NRU may be able to delay allied forces long enough to push into and secure Helinski. The second is to provide a logistical lifeline for armored assets within the remaining NRU inventory. If the 506th are able to sever the NRU's supply routes, forces in the region will be denied their strongest capabilities, and any potential thrust deeper towards Helinski and rural Finland will be shuttered.

Classified By: S-2 Intelligence
Reason: 1.4(a)
Declassify On: (2031)(10)(18)


The Duty Desk / Re: Mods Issue
« Last post by WO1 Clay on October 12, 2021, 07:49:06 PM »
The first two questions will be answered during your Recruit Training including being given loadouts. The third question I can not answer as it is out of my realm of knowledge.

W01 Clay
S-3 Recruit Instructor
The Duty Desk / Re: Mods Issue
« Last post by SGT J. Morris on October 12, 2021, 06:44:27 PM »
RCT Dever,

Check your PM's - I have sent you some additional informaiton that should help you get squared away here.

The Duty Desk / Mods Issue
« Last post by VitalSniper1984 on October 12, 2021, 06:15:32 PM »
So a two part maybe 3 part question.  I installed the mods last night and played around in editor to make sure they were working.  A couple things I noticed 1st: Enhanced Movement I cannot configure my key bindings to be able to climb over walls as shown in the mod video you find on steam.  I can hit L Cntl+V and climb short cover but not walls.  2nd: I didn’t try this with a lot of weapons and attachments.  I only tried equipping one rifle last night to put attachments on, that being one of the SCAR CQC variants.  When I added a laser attachment to it and started the scenario I would hit L and instead of a VIS laser or IR laser a flashlight which I did not equip would turn on.  I’d look at my inventory and there would be a Defender Light attached to my rifle.  So my work around was be adding a PEQ-15 or equivalent laser attachment to my plate carrier/pack inventory and adding it that way which seemed to work. 

Also in the realm of weird attachment issues when I’d try equipping a laser pointer attachment I’d get the error message as follows upon start of a scenario:  ‘bin\config.bin/cfgPatches/tiad_506th_Light_Laser_switch’ not an array

Thanks in advance for helping me with this loaded question
Public Discussion / Re: This video reminded me of Delta Co
« Last post by CPT Blair on October 10, 2021, 11:14:56 AM »
Awesome... I know what I'll be doing in December!

Thanks for sharing Gaudet.
Public Discussion / Re: This video reminded me of Delta Co
« Last post by CW3 Bertucci on October 09, 2021, 10:44:57 AM »
oh, HELL YA!
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