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Title: SOG Prairie Fire Server
Post by: Capt Ringrose on May 09, 2021, 03:17:20 AM
(http://i.imgur.com/OI92KJs.png)    Arma 3 SOG Prairie Fire Server
Server Logistics/S-4/HHC/1-506
Updated: 03JUL21

(https://i.imgur.com/DaMqUil.png)   SOG Prairie Fire Server

Available Templates:
  • Liberation
  • Antistasi
  • Dynamic Recon Ops
  • Mike Force
  • Zeus

The 506th Liberation template is modified from the KP-Liberation mission files which can be found on Github (https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Liberation), changes include the use of our custom ACE medical and ACE general settings, removing stamina, changing spawn distances and spawn factions
SOG Prairie Fire Server Rules

  • Members must have the correct mods downloaded and installed before logging into the server
  • Members must have a working microphone and the ability to use teamspeak for in game communication
  • All members must be in the Public Server teamspeak channel while in game
  • Admin password is restricted to those who know the Official Unit Admin password
  • Users are required to always start with NATO weapons and uniforms or similar looking (no different colours or looking like the enemy)
  • No friendly-fire
  • Personnel can run in their own teams, but every team must always have someone on freq 100
  • If you are going to do "stupid shit" go to another AO
  • Ground Net is 100, Air Net is 70. If you are in the Air you must be on the correct frequencies
  • 506th members are required to maintain the level of professionalism as would be expected during official 506th operations
  • Only use items from the SOG Prairie Fire DLC, NO Vanilla items
Server Details

Server Name: [OFFICIAL] 506th IR - SOG Prairie Fire Server
IP Address:
Port: 2362
Password: 506fire

Teamspeak Information: here (https://www.506thir.net/forums/index.php?topic=76.0)
Required Channel: SOG Prairie Fire Server

Mod Details

All of the following mods are required for official 506th public missions:

506th MAC V SOC           : 21JUL20 : Download (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FWFSdzowWH_WZjckElZntBWCAmMRwvvb/view?usp=sharing) [ 184MB ]
506th Userconfig          : 11DEC19 : Download (https://drive.google.com/open?id=16YZEnX072Zr6pnX_Q_XNczBXuZxJi0bT) [ 3.2KB ]

Please remember to also load the SOG Prairie Fire CDLC Mod via the Arma 3 Launcher

Approved Teamspeak v3.5.6 : Download (http://)

Approved ArmA 3 Version   : 2.04 (https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00098)

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