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Title: INSCOM Intelligence Report 29OCT20 - Updated Intelligence on 426 BSB POWs
Post by: SSG Callahan on October 29, 2020, 05:13:26 PM



29 OCTOBER 2020

S-2 has dedicated enormous resources to uncover the current status of the 426 BSB POWs. The below report represents the 506th IR RU's S-2 element's most up-to-date intelligence of the location and health of the 426 BSB POW.

(TS) Various forms of intelligence collected by S-2 indicate that the remaining NSLA forces in the AO have divided themselves across the last two defendable holdouts in the immediate area. The NSLA has managed to successfully regroup most of its combat-ready Leopards, as well as a number of other combined arms units. They have also taken care to not overextend these forces, keeping them within the effective coverage area of the last confirmed SAM site near of HATTON AIRBASE.

(TS) A critical mission requirement is the recovery of four confirmed US POWs currently held by the NSLA. Dense cloud cover & inclement weather over the past two weeks has limited BLUFOR's ability to effectively determine their location.

(TS) On 28OCT20 at approx. 0142 local time, an international cell phone call was intercepted, outgoing to the 426th Brigade Support Battalion Headquarters & Headquarters Company Unit Staff Duty Desk line:
IMEI: 653412995349877
IMSI: 2509334 2509351 2509357 2509360!ACTION!WARN!

(TS) Immediately following the call, a SMS message was sent from the same cell phone, this time to an Arizona cell number belonging to SSG Damien Discot:   

IMEI: 653412995349877!ACTION!WARN!
IMSI: 2509334 2509351 2509357 2509360!ACTION!WARN!
SMSQUERY_DISPLAY: “2phoenixsuns4”

(TS) S-2 has concluded that SSG Discot or another POW likely acquired a cell phone from their NSLA captors, and then deliberately sent this message as means of both PID/Verification and confirmation of the real-time status of the missing POWs. “I once tried out for the Phoenix Suns, and now I am in the Army.” This statement is a confirmed answer for the 2nd Personal Authentication Statement on SSG Discot’s DD1833/ISOPREP.

(TS) This intercept, combined with the relative proximity and distance of both other allied and hostile forces operating in the area, requires swift action by BLUFOR. S-2 has significant reason to believe that, based on the intercepts and additional intelligence gathered from OPFOR POWs, the 426 BSB POWs are likely to be held in COP Greystoke.

(TS) Despite the harsh weather, the 32nd Field Artillery Regiment (32 FAR) has strategically bracketed and successfully damaged the two predicted egress routes that the NSLA may use to move the POWs. After a week of sustained allied harassing fire and military deception (MILDEC) maneuvers near the SW and NW parts of the region, preparations are complete across the AO to initiate attacks at the same time against HATTON AIRBASE and COP GREYSTOKE, while also setting up a defensive line in support of 1BCTs forward HQ.

(TS) Due to security concerns, the generation and dissemination of the proword “HARDHAT” used for PID of POWs was authorized, with the intent of providing disinformation through nearby allied personnel, as well as our own personnel. A/1-506th S-2 has confirmed via Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) & Central Security Service (NSA-CSS) that no keyword hits matching the distributed proword have been detected via COMINT monitoring- as such, the release for the full sign/countersign has been authorized.

(S)CHALLENGE: HARDHAT                                 


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