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Title: Become an Army Aviator!
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Delta Company, 5th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment


Eagle Assault!

The Mission
The overall mission of Delta Company is to provide attack, reconnaissance, and logistical support for ground forces to assist with the completion of their objective. Able to deploy by Air Assault with rapid response worldwide to combat the enemy by means of fire and maneuver to destroy or capture him, or repel his assault by superior fire power, close combat or counterattack.





*Availability may or may not be accurate; consult your recruiter or instructor for current.

Our History
Activated in support of the 506th Infantry Regiment Realism Unit in December of 2014.

Beginning in February 2015, Delta Company responded to the call to arms in support of Operation Red Anvil. Delta Company along with French and British forces would support the 506th Infantry Regiment with logistic, aviation and naval support, fighting RPLA forces in Podagorsk. Operating out of Air Base Anvil on Bolshevik Island in the country of Podagorsk the NATO led TF successfully eliminated the RPLA presence in the country.

In June 2015, Delta Company, apart of Task Force Sword, deployed to Chernarus in support of Operation Red Hammer. Headquartered out of Hammer Airfield, Delta Company provided full-spectrum aviation support to BSAF, TF Shield, TF Breastplate, and TF 763, covering an area of responsibility the size of Minnesota. Degrading and destroying RPLA military to reestablish the democratically elected government in Chernarus was successful in a joint effort.

During Operation Red Hammer Delta Company provided exceptional service while performing air operations in support of friendly ground forces. The unwavering dedication showed by each and every aviator earned Delta Company the Army Superior Unit Award on the 18th of October in 2015.

Delta Company has since flown in support of Operation Righteous Eagle (2016),  Operation Black Adder (2017), and Operation Crimson Moon (2017), and Operation Lionheart (2018).

UH-60M Black Hawk
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CH-47F Chinook
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AH-64E Apache Guardian
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AH-6M Little Bird
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Just Call For CAS by: SSG (Ret) Kang

Warlord by: CW3 Heikinheimo

Delta Company by: WO1 Montana

by: SSG (Ret) Kang

by: 1LT Warren

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by: 1st Lt Brownlee

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By 2nd Lt Chance

Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding helicopter operations or becoming a 153A please feel free to contact any of the following officers listed below.

Commanding Officer: CPT Bowman
Executive Officer: ---

Thanks For Your Interest!
See you on port side fly boys and fly girls.